Design is the most intangible, yet, the single most important service an architect brings to the project.

BSA defines design as the process of making individual decisions toward a complete, conceptual whole; an exercise in creative problem solving. The role of the architect is not only that of helping to arrive at the decisions, but to help provide structure to the questions.


The components of our Design Process:

The Client is the most essential member of the design team. The Client’s goals, budgets and preferences set the parameters by which the key questions are structured.

The Studio: Bass Studio Architects manages its projects on a horizontal team based method. This approach has proven to provide more continuity through the project and a more precise execution of the work. Furthermore, there will always be a principal heading the team and in direct contact with the client.

The Project is not the drawings or the finished construction. To BSA, the project is the process of getting there, the decisions, the Client and interactive structure by which the work is completed and the feelings that remain when the construction is completed.

Value: BSA consistently employs value oriented materials. We find that materials employed consistent with a strong design theme need not be expensive, fragile or exotic to achieve a rich environment.