Bass Studio Architects Working to Rehab and Repurpose Historic Auto Garage

Bass Studio Architects is thrilled to have a hand in renovating the historic F.E. Avery and Son Auto Garage in the Old Towne East neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Initially built in 1899, the building facilitated the sale and maintenance of Packard (and eventually Pontiac) automobiles through portions of the 1980's. Noted as "One of the most modern and complete public garages of the Buckeye Capital", the building still retains much of its original charm. We've fallen in love with its timber trusses and large windows, while the building's subsequent additions (dated 1900-1909) introduced unique structural systems that create a diverse array of spaces throughout.

Although parts of the building have seen better days, BSA is working with owner Dean Adamantitis to convert it to a residential/commercial mixed-use.  We are excited to collaborate with our client, the City of Columbus, and the neighborhood give new life to this special character on the East Side.