Firm Overview

Founded in 1992, Bass Studio Architects is a full service architectural design firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Our services include planning, architecture, interiors, retail and related design services.


Bass Studio Architects does not specialize. Resisting specialization has challenged us to become proficient in the design and technical challenges of a wide range of project types and sizes. BSA is proud of its diverse portfolio; it is a testament to the firm’s ability to analyze, learn and respond efficiently and successfully. BSA’s many repeat clients speak to its success.

Major Corporate and Institutional Clients:

Geographic Location

While most of the firm’s work is located in Central Ohio, Bass Studio Architects has completed projects successfully in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Oklahoma. BSA has completed several major projects in Toledo, Ohio and routinely performs work for Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.


Bass Studio Architects manages its projects on a horizontal team based method. There are no separations of function in the process. The design, production and construction aspects of the project are handled by the same team. This approach has proven to provide more continuity through the project and a more precise execution of the work. Furthermore, there will always be a principal heading the team and in direct contact with the client.